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We can't wait to get that sample pack on its way! We’ll send you an email ASAP for your shipping details.

But first, we need a few contact details and a little information about your goals (and how we can help!)

Book a Giftify Demo Today

It’s simple: just enter your contact details and your key marketing goal. Our experts will get in touch ASAP to set up a custom demo, designed with you in mind!

Card Design and Production

If you can imagine it, we can print it! Your cards are completely customisable, although we recommend that you stick to your brand guidelines to maximise marketing ROI.

Giftify's easy to use drag-and-drop templates and simple instructions will guide you through creating a mockup of your new cards. You can have your first mockup done in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

From there, we'll take over and do all the hard work - and you can sit back and relax!

Delivery Options

We can do bulk or small batch orders with Classic, Express, and Next-Day production options. Your cards can be delivered in bulk, or to individual addresses. Your shoppers can also opt to receive cards via email: they just scan the QR code from their email and retrieve directly from a RapidPro kiosk or RapidCard Spark mobile point of sales (MPOS).

Production Possibilities


"I need it for a Campaign"
All card types available, as well as PVC special printing features (Glossy, Matte, Hot Foil etc.)


"I need it ASAP"
Hyper-fast printing with express delivery, available for Classic PVC only

Next Day Delivery

"I need it Yesterday"
Choose from our capsule collection and confirm changes quickly for super-fast delivery (T&C apply, see details below)

Our Design Options






and More!

Client Design Gallery

Nobody wants a naked gift, so custom sleeves and packaging are also available. Give your shoppers matched wrapping by selecting one of our packaging options. For a full overview of how you can customise your next Giftify campaign, contact our sales team and request a sample pack today

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