What is Giftify?

Your One-Stop Gift Card Shop

Our goal at Giftify is to help our retail clients connect with you, the customer, to create exceptional shopping experiences across Europe. At each of our partnered shopping centres, you will find either a trained info desk ready to answer your questions or a self-service vending kiosk with everything you need at the touch of your finger. And of course, you can purchase online via our e-commerce search! Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, our intuitive touchscreen technology has been developed to make your purchasing experience as painless as possible so you can focus on the exciting bits: giving your Giftify gift!

Giftify for Business

We are a customer-centric FinTech, and it's our mission to empower shopping centres' marketing strategies with our card solutions. Are you a shopping centre looking for a solution? Giftify’s RapidCard System is designed with your shoppers in mind, increasing your average spend and boosting your engagement and ROI. Our multinational team is constantly working to evolve and enhance both our services and our tools. We are dedicated to bringing all our clients innovative solutions with integrated payments and built-in reporting. We've built our reputation on tailored solutions, secure payments, marketing support, and customer convenience and are proud to be the partner of choice for industry leaders including Klépierre, JLL, Hammerson, and AG Real Estate.

Our headquarters, which we share with the Loyaltek Group, is located in the heart of Brussels, Belgium: the European Capital. Giftify guarantees zero reconciliation and seamless payment with Visa, Mastercard, and all major players.

Over 350 shopping and retail centres across Europe have already chosen us as their gifting and promotions partner: what are you waiting for? Join Giftify and help your customers give the greatest gift of all: choice!

Trusted by Shopping Centres and Retail Destinations Throughout Europe

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Choose from hundreds of partcipating centres across Europe. The most exciting gift of all is the gift of choice!

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