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Shopping centres

Choose from hundreds of partcipating shopping centres across Europe. The most exciting gift someone can give is the gift of choice. Give a gift you know they'll love.

Grand Qu̩tigny
Avenue de Bourgogne, 21800 Quetigny
47.3099302909556, 5.103494122927895
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Cap Emeraude
Avenue Capitaine Dhonne, 01000 Bourg-en-Bresse
46.22153043196163, 5.24265279536925
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Les Hameaux de Pernicaggio, 20167 Sarrola-Carcopino
41.95279352221025, 8.795600236295998
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Boulevard Salvador Allende, 44800 Saint-Herblain
47.22472483860499, -1.6306311678263274
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Centre Commercial du Mesnil Roux, 76360 Barentin
49.53677159384931, 0.9688478634631124
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280 Avenue Gabriel P̩ri, 78360 Montesson
48.92885734838714, 2.1460176880380466
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Nice Lingosti̬re
202 route Nationale De Digne - Rd 6202, 202 Route de Grenoble, 06200 Nice
43.72905867176724, 7.189390565171499
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Claira Salanca
Route du Barcar̬s, 66530 Claira
42.77595455533731, 2.914004927066421
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Lab̬ge 2
700 La Pyr̩n̩enne, 31670 Lab̬ge
43.5504184226312, 1.5083555342015564
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Rue du G̩n̩ral de Gaulle, 77090 Coll̩gien
48.8381575345841, 2.6622655155678463
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Avenue Jean L̩on Laporte, 64600 Anglet
43.48801856692208, -1.497582186410548
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